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Quick References

Film decoder (Revised on July 23, 1971)
PDF 1.1 Mb
Mapping camera film format
PDF 0.8 Mb
Stellar camera film format
PDF 0.6 Mb
Spec sheet for typical Hasselblad lenses used during Apollo
PDF 1.0 Mb
Spec sheet for Modern Films
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Films used during Apollo
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Selenocentric Geodetic Reference System
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Appendix A -Camera Calibration Summary
PDF 420 Kb
Appendix B -Interial Measurement Unit Minus Stellar Reduction
PDF 311 Kb
Appendix C -Unique Numbering Scheme
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Engineering Papers

Doyle, Frederick J., "Photographic Systems for Apollo," Photogrammetic Engineering, Vol. 36, pp. 1039-1044, Jan. 1970.
PDF 4.3 Mb
Kammerer, Joachim, "The Moon Camera and Its Lenses," Photogrammetric Engineering, Vol. 39, pp. 55-63, Jan. 1973.
PDF 1.3 Mb
Kim, I. J., "Apollo Photograph Evaluation (APE) Programming Manual," TRW Systems Group. 22 February 1974, pp. 108.
PDF 2.8 Mb
Kinney, William C., "Panoramic Photography Analysis," Instrumentation in astronomy; Proceedings of the Seminar-in-Depth, Tucson, Ariz ; United States, 13-15 Mar. 1972, pp. 117-139.
PDF 5.6 Mb
Light, Donald L., "Photo Geodesy from Apollo," Photogrammetic Engineering, Vol. 38, pp. 574-587, Oct. 1972.
PDF 6.9 Mb
McCash, Donald K., "Apollo 15 Panoramic Photographs," Photogrammetric Engineering, Vol. 39, pp. 65-72, Jan. 1973.
PDF 4.4 Mb
Peterson, Charles, "Compilation of Lunar Pan Photos," Photogrammetic Engineering, Vol. 39, pp. 73-79, Jan. 1973.
PDF 2.7 Mb
Wu, Sherman S. C. and H. J. Moore, "Experimental Photogrammetry of Lunar Images," Geologic Survey Professional Paper 1046-D, 1980.
PDF 5.5 Mb