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Featured Image - 12/11/2007
Farside Craters in 3D

Apollo Metric frame AS15-M-0284, centered at 24.3° S, 162.2° E, captures a view of the lunar farside as deep shadows fill craters at a low sun angle. Paracelsus crater (upper right corner of Figure 1) is an 83-km wide lunar impact crater on the far side of the Moon. A somewhat smaller crater (63 km in diameter) named Paracelsus P is located just SW of the center of this image. These two craters on the lunar farside have well-defined central peaks (or central uplift) in their interiors, terraced walls, and flat floors, typical of lunar craters larger than 50 km in diameter. The walls and floors of these craters have been reworked by subsequent impacts.

Apollo Metric image (frame ID AS15-M-0284) showing craters on the farside of the moon.

(Apollo Image AS-15-M-0284 [NASA/JSC/Arizona State University])

Figure 2 below is an anaglyph created from metric frames AS15-M-0284 and AS15-M-0285. Click on the image to view it in higher resolution. Note: you will need 3D glasses with red and blue lenses to view this image correctly.

Anaglypg of a portion of the region from AS15-M-0284.

[NASA/JSC/Arizona State University]

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